Glendale Coin Club 2001 Holiday Party Photos

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Hey, we have a lot of fun at our coin club meetings! As documented legal evidence of this (presentable in any court in the land) we include the following photos from our December 2001 meeting. Meet our members, and see what fun we had at our Holiday Party! It was a hoot...perhaps you can join our ranks and party with us at the Year 2002 Holiday Party.

Ah, the peaceful setting for the GCC Holiday Party. What a serene and beautiful arrangement of delicious goodies awaiting all of the faithful...
Speaking of whom, here are all of us (except me, Greg, taking the picture). What a happy, jovial bunch we are. So pleased to be partaking in this reverent season of brotherhood and tranquility...
...but WHAT'S THIS?!!? The great stampede as the eager partygoers rrrRRRippPPP into the poor helpless trays of feastables. It was every man, woman, and child for themselves as the crowd rushed forward to join the fray. Actually, it was an orderly group that helped themselves with the utmost civility.
Three ladies enjoying the benefits of the December meeting. From left to right: Lisa, Connie, and Bea.
The Watson family seem to be enjoying themselves. From left to right: Beth, Mark, Jennifer, and Christopher. Mark seems to be eyeing Chrisopher's plate...LOOK OUT, Chris, he's going for your condiments!
Yours truly with son, Tyler. You guess which is which. Elena snapped this while I was munching happily.
The Ballard and Klein family. Starting clockwise from the lap-sitter: Ryan, Denise, Jeff, Jerry (Klein), and Kim.
Steve Rycewicz seemed to have enough energy after the big meal to engage the kids in a rousing game of Chinese jump rope.
Here's the new-style way of calling bingo, oops, I mean coin-o. This little electronic box called the numbers at random and kept track of the called numbers so we could double-check at the end. Pretty handy, but nowhere near as nostalgically satisfying as the old machine (click here to see the old cage).
Hey, who put these guys in charge of the coin-o calling machine? Pretty shiftless bunch if you ask me. I'm not sure we could trust them, but nothing seemed to go awry, so perhaps they didn't cheat after all...hey, where'd my wallet go?
The winner of our first coin-o game, Liselotte Koerner, and her silver eagle prize.
Ryan Ballard won the second game. Seems pretty happy about it too.
Steve Rycewicz pulled in ahead of us all on the third game. And on one of the paper tickets too! (We ran out of the sliding shadow boards.)
Beth Watson gives a big smile as she scooped up the fourth game prize...
...and her brother, Christopher Watson, picked up the final regular game prize.
Tom Redmond (left) smugly picked off the 50/50 Blackout prize of $16.50, shown here being presented by Santa Claus himself (as helped out by Joe Purnell.)
Jerry Yahalom won the December Attendance Prize, another silver eagle. This prize is given out at the June and December meetings, and the winner is determined by the pull of a ticket (you get a single ticket for each meeting you attend.)

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