Glendale Coin Club 2002 Holiday Party Photos

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Hey, we have a lot of fun at our coin club meetings! As documented legal evidence of this (presentable in any court in the land) we include the following photos from our December 2002 meeting. Meet our members, and see what fun we had at our Holiday Party! It was a hoot...perhaps you can join our ranks and party with us at the Year 2003 Holiday Party.

Wow, what a crazy bunch these folks are! Seems to have been a little TOO merry at the 2002 Holiday Party.
Here we all are at the beginning of the meeting. We had 29 folks show up (by Jerry Yahalom's account)...a couple came late and didn't get into the picture. Too bad.
Joe Purnell was in his glory. Joe is also the club treasurer. Now you know where Santa gets the cash to fund his big operation.
We had a wonderful buffet with meats, cheeses, breads, salads, cakes, condiments, nuts, and candies. Harry Reder donated the sparkling cider and a cake donated - thanks, Harry!
Another shot of the assembly line. Looks like Bob Vick is bullying my wife, Elena, for that piece of cheese. (Actually, there was plenty to go around.)
Here were guests Aram and Nancy (center) sitting with Sandy (left) and Bill (right). Quite a cozy arrangement if you ask me. I think there was collusion going on regarding some scheme about the cake.
Joe Purnell (Santa) won the first round of Coin-O. Caller Bob Vick (right) and Viesturs Zagars (left) check Joe's board for all the numbers. The prize for each game was a 2002 Silver Eagle.
Mary Yahalom came in as a winner on the second game of the night. Looks pretty exciting to me!
Mary Purnell and Mary Yahalom tied for the third game. Mary Purnell squeaked through the tie breaker to take the Silver Eagle.
Kim Klein was the proud winner of the third game. Steve Albanese (long lost member sitting right) looks on approvingly.
Lots of tables, lots of bowed heads looking over their Coin-O boards.
Sandy introduces the prize for the final round. A 1971-S Proof Ike dollar donated by Don Hauser of the Coin Depot (in La Verne). Thanks, Don!
I especially say "Thanks" because Elena and I tied for the final prize (what are the odds of that?). As the man, of course, I prevailed. Actually, I think she quickly lost interest.
Sandy presents Jennifer Watson with the semi-annual Attendance Drawing Prize - another 2002 Silver Eagle. 2nd VP Denise Ballard shows the little can in which we collect attendance tickets each month.

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