Glendale Coin Club 2003 Coin Show Photos

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On November 30, 2003 the Glendale Coin Club held a coin show in Van Nuys (CA). We had all the members involved and overall had a pretty good day. Following are some of the photos taken by members Mark Watson and Sandy Mazel.

The overall bourse was pretty busy. Our Bourse Chairman, Earl Fritcher, did a good job selling out the 27 tables we had available. Thanks, Earl!
Here's another shot of the busy bourse floor.
The registration table had several Glendale Coin Club members throughout the day. Here, Denise Ballard is getting Roy Iwata of the Long Beach Coin Club checked in. Better buy some gold tickets, Roy!
Ahhh, I think Denise talked Roy into buying some gold tickets. The club had 10 gold coins that were raffled off at 3:30 p.m.
Here Denise was registering a family. These two Young Numismatists (YNs) were given special goodie bags. In fact, all the juniors received these special treats that were put together by GCC member Mary Yahalom.
The bourse floor again. Looks like a deal brewing.
These fellows were kibitzing the day away and just plain having a good old time. I saw lots of folks stop by this table to talk, look over a few coins, and hopefully make a purchase.
Another dealer. Look at all the beautiful coins he has in his case. Wouldn't you just love to have your pick? Actually, you can, because inventory like this is available at many local coin shows. Look for this guy at the next show you go to.
GCC member and dealer, Harry Reder (on right), is smiling while a customer looks over his wares.
Current GCC President, Oded Paz (on left) is competing with another browser for some choice goodies at this dealer's table.
GCC member Mary Purnell was helping Santa Claus by taking pictures of him and his young fans that showed up throughout the course of the show. Each junior received a couple of printed pictures of them and Santa to take with them. Thanks Santa (and Mary) for making this such a fun part of the day!
Members Jerry Yahalom (left), Mark Watson (center), and myself, Greg Burns (right) are struggling to get the crush of people registered and to fill their pockets with gold raffle tickets.
Member Dick Forrest (right) is shaking the hands of a customer. Guess both were pretty happy with the deal they struck.
Members Vern and Heather McCrea busily perusing the bourse floor. We all walked around throughout the day. Overall the event was a lot of fun. We still have to decide if we want to make this a regular annual event or not. My bet is on "yes".

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