Glendale Coin Club 2003 Holiday Party Photos

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Hey, we have a lot of fun at our coin club meetings! As documented legal evidence of this (presentable in any court in the land) we include the following photos from our December 2003 meeting. Meet our members, and see what fun we had at our Holiday Party! It was a hoot...perhaps you can join our ranks and party with us at the Year 2004 Holiday Party.

Here's the bustling preparations by the set-up crew, each strongly motivated by a famished desire to finish with the prep and get into the food...
...Patience, patience! Oded and Mary were moving so fast unloading a trunkload of goodies that it looks like it's ready to spill off the counter.
Meanwhile, the wise men sat and cracked jokes. Around the table from the left: Earl Fritcher, Sandy Mazel, Oded Paz, Jerry Yahalom, Tom Redmond, Mark Watson, and Joe Purnell (Santa).
Finally, the wait is over and the feast begins!
Looks like Elena is blocking any attempts to sneak any food off of her plate.
The notorious Bingo board (actually, Coin-O, since we play for coins and we're a Coin Club [capitalized!]). I think I pushed these little windows back and forth so much my fingers were sore, but I still didn't win anything. But I had a terrific time anyways.
Looks like Heather McCrea won our first game. President Oded Paz checks her board carefully looking for any shenanigans.
Beth Watson took the second game. Hey, what's Oded doing in this picture?...
Viesturs Zagars walked off with the third game's winnings. My goodness, did that Oded sneak into this photo too!?
Ahhhh, now I get it. Oded was just practicing for when he finally won. Looks like Jerry Yahalom is dropping off on the right over there. zzzzZZZZ (I don't think he won any of the games.)
Tom Redmond picked up some pocket change winning the half and half.
Kimberly Klein took home the membership drawing prize.

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