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ANA Logo - national association of coin collectors

American Numismatic Association - the national U.S. association for coin collectors. Highly recommended for all, especially beginners.

American Numismatic Society - the ANS is another important member of the American (indeed, international) numismatic scene. They also have an nicely organized links page with extensive entries.
APNA - Bluenose II Schooner Atlantic Provinces Numismatic Association - an extremely well done regional site. If you're in the area of the Atlantic provinces of Canada (and even perhaps if you're not), you should strongly consider joining.
Bank of Canada logo - sponsors of the Canadian Currency Museum

Canadian Currency Museum - a personal favorite of mine because of all the articles on early Canadian money (though a US citizen, I collect bank and merchant tokens from Canada's pre-confederation days -- GB). Sponsored by the Bank of Canada.

The Celator - club and publication specializing in ancient coins

Celator Home Page - any interest in ancient coins? This site is chock full of articles and other information of interest to the collector of ancient coins.

Coin Gallery On-Line - links to significant numismatic sites

Coin-Gallery Online - lots of links and miscellaneous information.

Coin World On-Line - weekly newspaper on coins and collectors

Coin World - the newspaper format weekly that has been around for a long time. Take a peek here for the latest news in the numismatic world.

Rare 1933 Double Eagle Gold Coin

Coin Resource - here's a pretty comprehensive site, whether you're just browsing around for interesting things or if you have more specific items you're looking for.
CSNA - the site of the California State Numismatic Association, an important member of the state level numismatic scene. The site has many interesting articles from the CalCoin News - the award winning publication of the CSNA. Also has program ideas, and other points of information for numismatists everywhere.
Reid Goldsborough - Reid's page is a jumping off point for several interesting pages regarding counterfeits, a consumer's guide, and some other interesting stuff. Worth taking a peek.
Museums and other Cultural Resources

Guide to Museums and Cultural Resources - a good jumping off point to other resources. Not necessarily numismatic, this is still a very worthwhile site to visit.

Joel Anderson logo - a good site with a variety of interesting coins and tokens

Joel Anderson World coins - Joel's a good guy and hits a lot of the coin shows in SoCal. His interesting site is also very informative. Look here for a wide variety of world and historical items. - a site devoted to Karl Goetz' satirical medal on the sinking of the Cunard liner Lusitania. Our webmaster finds it a fascinating journey, likely because it's his site. Forgive the shameless pitch and go take a peek. It will only take a moment and it really will be rather interesting. Promise...

logo - Michael Zielinski descibes it like this: "The website is called Coin Update.  Each day I provide a round up of coin related news from around the internet.  I try to capture the most important or interesting coin related stories of the day."
NASC NASC - the site of the Numismatic Association of Southern California, another important member of the state level numismatic scene. The site has information on officers, a few articles, and links to many member clubs in southern California (perhaps in your area!).
Gore Endowment logo - early american and colonial coins and tokens The Coins of Colonial and Early America - a project of the Gore Numismatic Endowment. Lots of information on early US numismatics. Plenty of higher level material worthy of perusal by researchers, etc.
The U.S. Mint - The official website of our government's money maker. The U.S. Mint site has lots of information on current programs and you can order items on-site.
University of Notre Dame - You guessed it! Notre Dame runs a site with special collections, including Washington tokens, colonial currency, and coins of colonial and early America.
Rich Hartzog - Rich has been running auctions on world exonumia since 1972. I remember first finding out about him in the mid-1970's when I started collecting Canadian tokens. His catalogs are fabulous, and his site has quite an impressive collection of links.
Gerald Tebben has a terrific site on Civil War Tokens (CWTs). This knowledgeable Coin World columnist has put together a site covering Columbus, Ohio CWTs in interesting detail. Very browsable site.


Coin Collecting for Beginners is a site created and maintained by Alison Keroack. Be sure to visit "The Magazine Rack" on this website for some free trial subscriptions. 
Coinsheet Numismatic Links is a site of coin links posted by Bob Johnson. Bob has over 1600 links to clubs, dealers, collectors, and other relevant sites.
Stanton Books & Supplies - this website has more than lots of numismatic books and supplies. They also have a pretty good selection of coin related links. Visit them and take a peek.
Rare 1933 Double Eagle Gold Coin - this new site seems to still be working on their site logistics and business model. They have an interesting approach that is definitely worth checking out.

Have some links to other sites you think would be worthwhile to add to this page? Please email me ( and let me know. Though I'm not too interested in simply  providing advertising space, if there's something significantly noteworthy about a site I'm certainly willing to review it for possible inclusion here.

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