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Meet the people who make The Glendale Coin Club meetings such an enjoyable place to come to every month. If you're in the area, why don't you join us soon for a visit? I'll add to this photo album as time goes by.

Ina Mauck (right) proudly displays her beautiful collection of Indian-head cents. Jerry Yahalom presents her with a Silver Eagle as prize for the most interesting talk at our April, 2000 meeting. 
Wilfred Gamble - coin club publications expert Wilfred Gamble has evolved into the club's publication and flyer master. Here he's shown with the wealth of items he carts around to every meeting. Wilfred has the scoop on nearly every show, meeting, event, etc. that you could possibly want to know about.
Mary Purnell (coin club secretary) and hubby Joe Purnell Mary and Joe Purnell are enjoying some of the refreshments served at each of the GCC's monthly meetings. Mary is the club's secretary, and Joe doubles as Santa during the holidays.
Coin club past president Earl Fritcher along with Dorsille Fritcher and Liselotte Koerner Dorsille and Earl Fritcher enjoy some goodies along with Liselotte Koerner. Earl is a past President of the club.
Past coin club treasurer and president Mary Yahalom Mary Yahalom was our Treasurer at the time this photo was taken, and is busy filling out a receipt for membership dues (very inexpensive). Mary has also acted as our can tell she's very busy in numismatic circles, can't you?
Coin club junior Kimberly Klein and coin auctioneer Bob Vick Kimberly Klein seems to enjoy Bob Vick's good-natured joking while he auctions off yet another lot during one of our monthly auctions (held at all meetings.)
Important coin club volunteer Joyce Allen Joyce Allen volunteers at each meeting for ticket sales. She sells both the door prize and special prize drawing tickets. Joyce also performs a lot of other functions for the club. Thanks, Joyce.
Coin club member Sonia Keshishyan and family A beaming Sonia Keshishyan is shown here with her two nieces Marina and Carina, along with Sonia's son, Greg.

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