Here's some comments I took while reviewing the bylaws. Do as you wish.

Para. 1 and 1.2: Change one or the other so as to keep the same verbiage in

both places (i.e. Para. 1 has Officers and Governors and Para. 1.2 says



Para. 1.7: Change “Duties of the Vice President” to: “Duties of the 1st

Vice President”


Para. 1.8, 1.9, and 1.10: I’ve only been in the club for a couple of

months, so the following comment might be incorrect based on the history of

the club. As the club seems to function okay without a 2nd vice president

and an assistant treasurer, perhaps those positions should be combined along

with assistant treasurer under the umbrella of the 2nd Vice President. So,

the paragraph would have an additional line that would read something like:

“Additionally, the 2nd Vice President shall act as an assistant Secretary

and / or assistant Treasurer as required.”

Likewise, the titles for Para. 1.9 and 1.10 would have “and Assistant …”

deleted along with the last line in Para. 1.9 and Para. 1.10.4.


Para. 1.10.3: Add the following sentence at the end of the paragraph: “At

the end of the treasurer’s term, two of the club’s elected officials shall

performed an audit of the books prior to handing the books over to the new



Para. 1.x: Are there any “official duties” for the Board of Governors?

Para. 1 talks about them getting elected and showing up at meetings but

never describes what they actually do.


Para. 1.x: A position that is not mentioned in the bylaws is one with

regards to Young Numismatists. When I was a member of the Atlanta Coin

Club, they had a special program set up specifically for YNs. Depending on

if the YN gave a small talk, made an exhibit, etc., the YN chairperson would

give them YN dollars used to buy donated material. I would be more than

happy to get the specifics if the club wanted to start something like that.


Para. 2.4: How many members does the club have? As it appears that only

about 20 to 30 members show up at any one meeting, the percentage needed for

a quorum may need to be lessened if there are more than 100 members (20% of

which would be 20).


Para. 3 and 4: Should these paragraphs be combined as dues only refers to

membership dues. Also, the current dues amount ($7 for individual

membership, $10 for family membership) should probably be listed somewhere.


Para. 4.2: 1st sentence, 2nd to last word should be changed from “lease” to



Para. 6.3: The duties of the editor/webmaster should be duplicated either

under Para. 1.9 – Secretary or be a completely new paragraph under Para. 1 –

Officers and Governors (which would require the title of Para. 1 to be

slightly changed to something like “Club Officials” or something).



Mark C. Watson



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