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Quizzes from the past...

Here's the repository of quizzes we've been running periodically on the site, along with all of the results. Hope you find them interesting, I sure did...

Here's the last quiz we ran before "BeSeen" (the service we were using for the quizlets) went out of business. Didn't seem like too many people were interested in these quizzes, so I dropped them once BeSeen hit the dirt. (GB - 8/23/02)
Looks like child care at club meetings wouldn't necessarily be a big draw, and for some it might even be a detractor (all the grandparents I'll bet). Plus, it doesn't seem like a lot of folks had an opinion they cared to share. (GB - 4/8/02)
It seems that most folks who visit our site are fanatics for the 50 States quarter program. The U.S. Mint has lots of material on their website regarding this popular series. (GB - 12/16/01)
Well, we didn't have as many respondents to this quiz as some of our past ones, but it's interesting nonetheless. You can see the tremendous percentage of new folks (less than 6 months) that are having their impact on the hobby. I wonder how many are collecting the new state quarters. I think we just came up with the next quiz... (GB - 9/18/01)
Wow, I was out of the loop for a while (got married, went on a honeymoon, bought a condo, moved...whew!) We had 200 people tell us over the course of three months that most folks' oldest coin was in the 76-150 years old bracket. My guess is that most of those are US coins (see previous quizlet on nationality breakdowns US hit 50%). (GB - 8/1/01)
Seems like there's a fair spread of folks collecting out there. A few people had very sparse collections, while quite a large number of people seem to have huge collections. Over a third of the respondents had over 1000 coins...guess they've been at it for a while. (GB - 5/3/01)
This quiz shows the tremendous number of internet-savvy people (they found our site didn't they) who aren't a member of any coin club. What an incredibly unfortunate statistic! Well over half (and almost two-thirds) of the respondents don't belong to any kind of club. What a shame. (GB - 4/6/01)
Here's the first quiz we ran. It was on the site for about two weeks, and you can see that 74 people responded. Most folks (about a third) were collectors of modern US coins, with "other specialty" coming in second. Ancients (some of the most beautiful coins in existence in my opinion) came in last, tied with people who claimed they didn't collect. Oh, well. Just shows you that we're all different. (GB - 3/9/01)

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